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Best android phones

Android phones are becoming popular than ever.They are of high range,middle range and low range smartphones but of all the smartphones ,there are always the best ones and here they are

1 HTC ONE (M8) .
Here we are again , HTC has come with ,let me say a super phone.
HTC ONE (M8)  comes with a super LCD3 capacitive touchscreen giving you amazing efeects when playing videos.
Music lovers should buy this phone.Its stereo speakers with in built amplifiers reduces noise and gives you what you want to here.a clear music with all effects .Personally i like music with a lot of base effect but this phone was just more .
The design is just premium with unibody aluminium frame and two speakers facing in front .
   How can i forget the camera .its dual primary camera of 4 mp which is just perfect and 5 mp secondary camera ...This phone is just worth it.

2 LG G3
lg g3
Everybody is talking of this phone.Everybody likes a selfie ,it has a selfie camera of 2.1 mp with a wide field of view to capture as many friends as possible.
The primary camera is of 13 mp with laser auto-focus making it the fastest smart phone in auto-focus.
The screen is a unique QHD(quad Hd) screen of  2560 x 1440 gves very impresive results ...AS you can see it has metallic frame make it just premium .Its worth it

 Did you know that downloading in areas of weak WI-FI signals is no longer a problem with S5 , the unique feature Download booster ,uses WI-FI and 4G network to speed up downloads effectively .
Oh God this phone can last with battery of less than 10% for upto 24 hrs, is that not amazing .The amoled display goes black and white to save power effectively .
Take pics when raining, in the swimming pool is just a no worry for this phone.

According to me those are the best phones ..If you think have left others just say it ..Huawei acend p7 is also a phone..
Thank you.
Ed Tesla

Ed Tesla

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