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Time....Time.....can we go back to our past of future?......

Time travel has been one of man’s wildest fantasies foe centuries. It has been long been portrayed in sci-fi movies from time to time. From time traveling of the movie Dr who, the time machine and even today in which the concept of time travel was more realistic in award winning movie Interstellar. I bet we will still fantasize it even more.

So is time traveling possible or it is just a fantasy which will never come true?    
Imagine traveling to the past to see Adam and Eve or seeing the Egyptians building the pyramids. Theoretically one can travel to the past but it will be much complicated.
Albert Einstein laid the groundwork of mush of the theoretical science that governs most time travel research today…………..Special and General relativity changed our understanding of space and time. And these well tested theories indicate that time travel is possible.
Option one would be using a wormhole. Wormholes are theoretical; no one has actually seen one. Assuming wormholes exists, according to general relativity, a wormhole act like a bridge connecting two distant points with a short-cut. If we could accelerate one mouth of a wormhole to near light speed and then reverse it back to its original position. Meanwhile, the other end will remain stationary. The result would be that the moving mouth would age less slowly than the stationary mouth thanks to the effect of time dilation.
But there are several caveats of traveling back in time with this method. Chief among them is simple fact that we’d need a method for creating worm holes, the worm holes would only allow us to travel as far back as the point it was created. So we won’t go back to the beginning of time to find out what was there.
In recent years, we’ve seen some aspects of Einstein’s theories proven true. The most exiting one is the effect of time dilation. The experiments proved that time dilation is real.
Time dilation refers to the idea that time passes more slowly for a moving clock than that of a stationary one. The force of gravity also affects the elapsed time. The greater the gravity and velocity, the greater the difference in time. Black holes like the one in the movie interstellar, would produce a massive time dilation due to its greater gravitational pull.
Imagine traveling around the universe at the speed more than that of light, or around a black hole, take you did come from earth in the year 2015 and you were 20 years old and had a son with your girlfriend. On coming back to earth after your travel, it will be the year 2100 and everyone you knee will be dead only if you left an immortal person, you will find him. The effect in the time frame is due to time dilation we are talking about.  Gravity difference around all the stars you will pass nearby will be reducing your time; your cells will know that your time is being prolonged.
That is theoretically traveling in future though no one has tried it, or we haven’t received any visitor from the future. May be they are there but they can’t reveal themselves.

Imagine traveling back in time to stop the assassination of J.F from happening or going to stop the titanic from sinking. It would be amazing. Many scientists agree that time travel to the future is possible but not to the past. Imagine a son is angry with his father and wishes he was never born; the son goes back in time to kill his grandfather so that his father would not be born. The boy will not be born too; there will be no one to travel back in time to kill the grandfather hence the boy’s father will be born and the boy too and the circle repeats it self.
But if we go to the Terminator movie where a cyborg is send back in time to kill someone, the machine was taking advantage of the ripple effect of time that if you change something in time it will have a ripple effect in the timeline, may favorite saying from terminator was, You are just a relic from a deleted timeline. So ask yourself are you also deleted?

Ed Tesla

Ed Tesla

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