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The Sun’s Evil Twin, When will Nemesis return to cause mass extinction on earth?

Roughly every 26 million years, the earth suffers a massive extinction event in which whole species of the ecosystem disappear.

In 1983, a scientists names Richard Muller came up with an interesting theory to explain the almost regular intervals of mass extinction on earth.
It’s widely believed and accepted by the science community that the extinction events are participated by impacts of comets and asteroids impacts, but Muller devised to explain the almost regular events was rather scandalous – what is the sun had an evil twin sister?
The Twin sister was called Nemesis which orbits the sun after every 26 million years; it is possibly a red dwarf star making it difficult to see. It is at a distance of 1 to 3 light years away which is further than the nearest star to earth, Proxima centauri.
When Nemesis gets closer to the sun, thanks to the ellipse orbit, it disturbs the Oort cloud, the grouping of icy comets and bodies at the edge of our solar system, and sends them to collision towards the inner planets.
Recently a new planet was found, sedan which is three times the distance from Pluto to sun, it was so much unexpected but why? The orbit of this planet is also exceptional, it is highly elliptical supposing that something is out there influencing its orbit by its gravitational force.
The hunt of Nemesis continues if it is really out there, if it’s there will we protect our species when it returns?

Ed Tesla

Ed Tesla

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